A Little Bit.

A little bit of sass, a little bit of cheek

A little smile from him can make me go weak.

Like a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day, 

A little word from him goes a long, long way.

A little bit of meeting, an unfair lot of distance,

So much I miss him, it's a horrible substance.

A little bit of song from his little red lips, 

A little bit of chatter between the coffee he sips.

A little bit of complaint, actually quite a bit much, 

That little bit I bear, it doesn't matter as such. 

This little heart of mine has a lot of love to spare.

A little touch or two, to show him that I care.

A little love story, written just to start, 

A little melancholy, because he stole my heart. 

A little world of mine because it revolves around him now, 

My sun, my moon, my stars all consist of him somehow

A little bit of time since he's been mine to love,

A long way yet to come, I'm being paitent, with no shove.

A little understanding, a litte compromising, 

I'll bear just so I can have my sun rising.

I know this may seem little, but here's a thought, 

I want him for myself forever, I want a little to be a lot. 

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