A Little Bird

I rolled out of bed, and met a sweet bird, that was perched atop an unmoving world.

I glanced around, and saw millions of these, but this one, right here... it was labeled for me.

I took a moment, and stared at my name, under this world in its translucent frame.

But that wasn't all I found a bit strange, for where other worlds moved, mine was unchanged.

As I made this discovery, the bird spoke up!  It said,

"Hey little fella,!  How ya doing?  I'm Chuck!"

I thought to myself, "This bird called me small?  If it so much as pecked, it had no chance at all!"

As I thought, well... I averted my eyes, but when I looked back, Chuck was three times my size!

I looked up aghast, taken in by surprise, and the bird said,

"Careful, for I am your mind."

Lost for words, I stuttered,

"F-Forgive my thoughts, I didn't think..."

"A-Actually, you did."  Chuck said with a wink.

I fell silent, and all was quiet a while, sans the hum of the globes, that stretched on for miles.

Chuck looked my way, and I swear.. the bird smiled, he said,

"Listen, and you'll go far, little guy.  Take a look around, all of this is your world.

So why does this one stand still, while the other ones twirl?

There's thunder rumbling across its' sky, and you feel clueless as to why.  But the answer,

you see, resides inside, your small, yet massive, human mind.

Your thoughts, they have immense effect,

So think what you like, and see what you get."

My attention drifted down to the globe, the skies became clear, and it rotated slow...

With that, Chuck politely took wing, and I woke to the sound of birds chirping.


- Inflections 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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