Little Beasts

My lips are a vessel for very few thoughts

For many never leave my skull.


They swirl around and drive me mad,

Their very presence takes a toll.


But I am not wholly disrupted by these burdens of mine,

It is just simply who I am.


Should you stay and chat a while,

You would surely understand.


My mind is bright and full of beautiful things,

Some I can barely comprehend.


Though at times I let the darkness creep in

And for that I could soon meet my end.


Those monsters with the gnarled teeth,

With eyes like slits and sly


They wake me from my dreams at night,

Though they never tell me why.


I battle with these little beasts each and every day

And though they do their best to win,

my light will never fade away.


My mind is fraught with gorgeous things,

I’ve come to understand.


But with each and every pretty smile,

There’s a monster posed within. 

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