Listening to a Story

Listening to a story,

A life of a friend,

It's the opposite of boring,

Stuff said I would keep in.


We have similar trials,

I know we can relate,

But we still walk for miles,

And manage to separate.


I want my story hidden,

For no one else to see,

The stormy waters I've ridden,

When I fall down on my knees.


My tears drip crimson red,

My heart is locked and blackening,

I'm fearful of my own bed,

And I know the devils cackling.


I don't want to give in,

But more so I do,

Sometimes I want it all to end,

But I'm afraid of it to.


My life isn't all that bad,

I've been blessed with opportunity,

But I take it all for granted,

And I surround myself with cruelty.


I know I am a freak,

And I'm very hard to love,

But some friends I manage to keep,

And there's always the Father above.


So, although I may cry,

And lock away my heart,

I still hope one day I can learn to fly,

And stop playing the wrong part.


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