Listen with Your Heart.


Your eyes see that she's smiling,

your ears hear his laughter.

Your mind tells you that they're okay,

but your heart tells you to look further.

Your eyes say that nothing is wrong,

and your ears hear her words.

But your mind is at battle with your heart

becaus your heart can see the hurt.

Your mind deceives you

into thinking he's okay.

But your heart can hear the quiet screams,

and see that his once blue sky is all of a sudden gray.

You try and shrug it off,

so you believe that everything is fine.

And in your heart you know it's not true

while you're at ease in your mind.

Your eyes and ears will deceive you.

best to ignore them from the start.

So don't listen with your ears, your mind, or your eyes;

instead, just listen with your heart.



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