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Can you hear me?

Are you listening?

I'm tired mom.

A’pa I can't do this anymore.

My head is in a constant state of war.

I really can't keep doing this anymore.

I think I need to tell you now.

Someway. Somehow.

I need to tell you now.



I think I want to die sometimes.

Your strong little girl, isn't really very strong.

I guess you were wrong.

You see, I am not brave.

I can't help but misbehave.

I crave the days, where I am no longer a slave.

A slave to the insecurities in my head.

I think it could happen if I'm finally dead.

But I won't be selfish.

Instead I'll be selfless.

Because I know if I'm dead.

Then you'll hate yourself, and then you'll die too.

I want to die.

Believe me I do.

But the love I have for the two of you.

Is stronger than the need for me to be selfish.

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