A List of Things Found


I find myself tied to a string,

There's an urge pulling at me.

I cut off all the heads of my enemies,

I begin to saw away at my personalities.


I saw fountains in mountains,

It was only a spring.

I saw a spirit in the mirror,

It was only steam.

So I washed my hands in the water,

And wrote my name in the glass.


I told myself I have the power,

But I know me well, and I'm a coward.

So I'll shed my skin every hour,

This body is Hell and flames are flowers.


I wore my brand new bandages, because I'm falling apart again,

But it shows,

There's blood on my clothes.

I wore my brand new pair of shoes, In hopes that I could dance with you,

But it shows,

There's blood on my toes.



Grocery lists, i suppose...

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