Liquid Addiction

Deep inside my veins runs blood and something darker

Seeping through my skin and giving off an alluring odor 

The pleasant taste of bitterness that encaptures the morning

As birds outside my window yearn for their own liquid warming

The black addiction swirls as you add cream of sweet

Two spoons of sugar and a boost of energy cannot be beat

Made in ways unique to your personal tongue

Each blend contains a taste of caffiene enough for anyone

When mornings are too hard to bare, it will bring you to your feet

With a smell that can bring you out of the deepest sleep


As good as a simple pleasure can be

A cup of Joe will bring your day around quite easily

Like walking into the quaint little shop off the corner of Broad Street

Or hearing the soft crunch as you step on a leaf

It is the simple things in life that will set you free

Happiness will surround you

As long as you have coffee. 



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