Lips like rose petals

Eyes like sparkling diamond seas

Reflecting the light from my stars

Shining beams of admiration

Or curiosity

Shine on my cheeks in the dimly lit auditorium of this moment

Feel the warmth of my love

The rhythm of my heartbeats

There is no metaphor mighty enough to describe your touch

No simile as strong as the feeling of your hand in mine.

Hollywood smile with lips like rose petals

The city breeze sends a flash in your eye

The open road and the sense of adventure

The wandering voice of a lark

Smooth and comforting

Reminding me that where you are,

I am home.

Where you are I can breathe

To turn the lights off and feel your skin against mine

Even if I cannot see you

Even if I cannot look in your eyes

Even if the only sound between us is the air from our lungs

I feel safe.

I know there is work to be done

I know that time is always running out

I know that we may not always be here. Together.

But for now

For now, hold me close

Rest your hand on the curvature of my neck

And kiss me

Kiss me with lips like rose petals.

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