Lip Luggage


It sways in a brisk bree ze,

and curls with the use of goose greese.

It can point like the horns of a springbok antelope,

and saturates in juice when eating succulent cantaloupe.

It can be long and unkempt, flowing down the cheeks, a horseshoe,

but groomed well, it can quickly become a fu machu.

Neither are my favorite, that position is held by the handlebar,

It gives me an intelligent look, as if i directed seminars.

My mustache makes me flawless,

much like the facial hair of Genral Lewis Wallace.

It gives me a sense of confidence,

and from it, I receive courteous compliments.

My nose neighbor is a friendly guy.

My crumb catcher tends to be covered in rye.

My soup strainer always filters my split pea.

My face furniture is the perfect companion to share some tea.

My baffi doesn't have any italian heritage,

but my lip luggage follows me anywhere, from Cape town to Cambridge

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