​So invincible he is, he can match against any tide or current.

So insurmountable, he surmounts what’s seemingly insurmountable.
He’s is not as strong as people think, but the people’s confidence in him makes him unbeatable.

He’s is full of insecurities, yet people call him the symbol of confidence.
Believing in possibilities, he believes a task can be difficult but never impossible.

Believing in imperturbability, he seems stoic, indifferent, unsurprised at all times.
Having mastered the art of timing, he seems to be so available yet so scarce. 

Having mastered the art of seduction, he exudes a gravitational pull that no one can resist.

He seems larger than life, bigger than himself and superior than humanity. They call him the invincible. Simply, the limitless one.

His intellectual abilities makes him seem to have answers to everything.

His knowledge and his zeal for learning makes him seem to know all things.
Viewing life as fun, he believes is doing and living in the present.

Viewing life as adventure, he believes in taking paths without precedent.
With a clear vision and plan, he makes things happen.

With a clear explanation, he makes things vivid to his ten.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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