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United States

dark fades as she shines

a knight of silver

empty vessel made

by uncaring hands

who fights forever


so dark and whispers

of tempting new deals:

old blood for new love,

new life for an old,

ripping chords and screaming,

so endless, pointless

armor covered by

the sins of the world


but why? can’t she just

stop fighting? give in?

please, please, stop this old

agony, nightmare

it’s non-fiction so

just pray and wait now…

no! I refuse this

broken ending here!


my arms have no strength

my heart is hollow

my ideals are lost

but i have secret

determination –

no more sacrifice.


i believe. somewhere,

a light will still shine

and everyone can

be saved


what is your name, girl?

why are you here run

take my hand. there’s light –

go away there’s nothing

I won’t let you fade,

my blood is your light

you - don’t - have - to – hurt

want to disappear

let me talk. please. I

want everyone to

smile freely, just like

before the world’s end.

i… I will fight with you.

no more fighting, now –

stop hiding yourself

Then. My name was – is –


she smiled and the

world was set aflame

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Our world
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