Lilith Never Eve


  According to legend, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She had demanded to be treated as his equal and was not given her request - so she left him. God sent three angels after her to bring her back by force, but she did not go with them. Many believe Lilith was inspired by the Sumerian and Mesopotamian myths of female demons (“lilin”) and female vampires (“lillu”). After leaving her husband, Lilith flew away to the demon world, and was soon replaced by the more submissive Eve. 
  I tell this story because I believe it is important. This is for all of the women in my life. 
Think about everything you are expected to be as a woman. Destroy it all.
They do not deserve your forgiveness. We live with flat palms and blooming hearts. I am telling you now - go to bed tonight with clenched fists. 
Do not make a home out of others. When you are no longer welcome in your own home, make a new one. Construct an empire within yourself. Fall in love with yourself. Never apologize for it. If they tell you you are selfish, reply with, “yes, I am.”
Take up more space. Take your damn time. Unfold yourself and try to understand that disappointment does not mean failure, but growth. Do not only grow tall; grow out. Grow sideways. Grow into crevices and down alleys, until they can no longer ignore what you have to say. Expand your existence - realize you matter.
Do not apologize for asking for acknowledgement. Do not smile when they tell you to smile. Walk the hell away. They don’t deserve your warmth. You have been taught that niceness is what makes you worthy of love. Screw that. 
Be cruel when needed. Be gentle when you can. Demand respect, and if you are not given it, take it. They try to raise us as sheep, but you are a wolf.
A wicked women takes what is hers. She dissolves what is in her way. She is a witch-woman; she is a demon.
She is Lilith. Never Eve.


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