What are my poems like?
Like a slow song
when the words escape my lips
im singing the lyrics to the melody of silence
oh how that sounds like beautiful music to me
the kind that makes you wanna close your eyes
and snap your fingers to the beat
each syllable splits the silence so precisely
like a knife each night I write
and pour out my soul onto the piles of paper
until the pages are soaked and wet with ink
that represents me
and my bucket of expression is still filled to the brink

What are my poems like?
like a weapon
because life and death are in the power of the tounge
so my weapon has the ability to level skyscrapers and eliminate villains
and I can use it to protect and avenge innocents like children
look at the words of each one and see myself like a reflection in a blade
each is another monster I've slayed
and can always call upon it when I need to be brave

What are my poems like?
Like roses
all of a sudden ink starts to smell like flowers
when the aroma hits our noses
for me its a nice change of scenery
to actually talk about tenderness and love
instead of hearing about making it
people keep taking my intention and mistaking it
I don't do this to gain the admiration of women but simply to voice my opinion
so before you start hatin relax
before you try to charge my credibility card for extra like tax

What are my poems like?
Like a hiding spot
and don't confuse it with a shield
this function is not to protect myself
its for when Im feeling weak willed
'and cant admit my wrongs
so I turn away and try to make it sound right
but no matter how much I try
truth is attracted to the light

What are my poems like?
like mind control
when I say cry you will cry
it pulls the emotion from your mind
and make you dig deeper
like a coal mine
look into my eyes as I hypnotize you
and send your emotions into a stir with my words
as I go to such lengths
like yards and miles
just to hear the laughs
and see the smiles

What are my poems like?
like a magnifying glass
for me to better understand the human condition
not all poets are shrinks
I know potheads that write beautiful poetry
contrary to what you may think
so after all that's been said here today
the question is put forward

What are my poems like?
What aren't they like?


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