The Lights That Will Guide me to the Future

I am stuck on a deserted island,

From my deep slumber I wake,

I see off to the distance, but I see no land.


I start to move out at daybreak,

And I stare down at the necklace around my neck,

I stare at the pendants and begin to ache.


For each pendant I hold and check,

​When all are accounted for I am filled with glee,

I then continue along my trek.


Each pendant stands for friends and family,

And each one represents a piece of my heart,

A cross, a rose, two hands, and a skeleton key.


Even though we are far apart,

They give me the strength and courage to conquer any fear,

And they keep me from falling apart.


I can imagine seeing them again and how they cheer,

Just picturing this is enough to bring a tear.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Guide that inspired this poem: 



I wrote the poem in a way that I was already on the island for sometime. The neckalace has five pendants to represent my family and friends. Rose- sister, Cross- mather, Skeleton key - father, and the two hands- friends. At the end just the picture of seeing them again is enough to bring me to tears.

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