Yes!? You feel it don't you?

A spark, no, an ember.

Oneof many embers, too,

long forgotten and with no stir.


A fire once great in your

eart. No, not just a flame,

but a bolt of lightning,

kickstarting your heart.


You feel it! Yes! Embrace it!

Coddle it, nurture it! Rebuild that flame!

The flame, once previously thought,

if extinguished gone for good!


The fire warms you again.

Yet, you feel changed.

No. No longer hate and rage,

but love and passion.


Passion is lightning.

Love is fire.

A defibrillator to the heart to

rekindle your love.


They once saw it in you, and your eyes.

They were worried... yes, they were worried.

You acted strange. Different.


They saw the flame die.

Yet, you had to deny.

To dodge questions,

but to your fault, hurt yourself!



March one! Proud MAN!

Let them once again see it!

See that fire! Feel that warmth!


Let them never again question

that tumult of rain in your soul!

For Storms of the Soul eventually

bring lightning! Lightning

natural Power!


It has reinvigorated you!

Use it now! For lightning

May not strike again for a while!

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