Lighting up the Christmas Tree


I swing my tongue back and forth,

Flicking it across my lips,

And lash out my arms

Burning everything I touch


And I can feel their pain

It feels so good

I find a target and lunge at them

Gripping them between my hands,

I choke out every last breath


I turn my head

And there she is

She’s so beautiful

So full

Her adornments-

More like a statement than embellishments


I rush to her

I envelop her in my arms

I caress her exterior with my finger tips

And watch greedily as her skin darkens and falls

It only makes me hungrier for her


Time passes too quickly

And suddenly she’s gone

Nothing’s left but a pile of ash and some glass bulbs-

Permanently blackened


I move onto the rest of the room

But nothing will ever compare to the sweet taste that was the Christmas tree


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