The Light of Youth


The hearts of youth are unlike others

They are in existence for a time in which they chose,

And incomparable to the time in which our old age is recognized.

We feel as though youth is a treasure which is stolen easily,

And I admit that in the time of youth

I do not envy those of old.

But what I believe we have forgotten

Is that youth can be forever existent


It is like the gracious light of our magnificent sun

A light which can withstand all time

That despite this time,

 Its rays are able to touch everything it sees

And its brightness, incomparable to anything else.

But this brightness,

This light of an everlasting reach is masked by clouds who ride the wind

Youth is just as this magnificent sun

It shines the brightest among all other things

And is capable of much more than we believe it to be


In this we believe that youth fades as it is just as the sun

And is masked by drifting clouds of old age.

But clouds are not forever

For youth can still exist

It’s just a matter of when the wind will change its course


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