Light Of You

Dear Mom,

Light Of You


All my life I’ve had you.

Through the ups and the downs,

and all the turnarounds


You’ve been the high to my lows,

My mother and my father,

A light in the dark.


My life wasn’t perfect,

You know it was far from it.

A father who used us,

A habit that made us,

Lose you.


The unaccountable power you hold,

That only trusted eyes could see.

Your blindness of the good,

Your vision of the bad.


The light on you darkens.

Wishing that you not be seen,

But I see you.


I have cherished all you have done,

I’m mesmerized by your care,

Your need for us,

And us for you.


My brother may have shunned you,

Though, I am always with you,

A spirit of all the hope,

For you shall improve.


Move forward,

Mother of troubles,

For now your troubles shall be no more,


I have come to take them away,

For your courageous endeavors,

Have granted you forgiveness,

In the eyes of god.


This is for you,

The holder of my heart,

The worry in my soul,

The mother of my life.


This poem is about: 
My family


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