Light of My Eyes

My thoughts haunt me like razor blades hidden under the pendant around my neck. Like Satan himself sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear as I turn my head and I'm afraid to be alone 'cause then it's just me and his whispered words and then it's just me. You see I'm terrified to forget yesterday but I'm horrified to live tomorrow because I'm so alone and my blue eyes...

"Well hey Blue Eyes," *

...they magnify that I'm dead inside...

"and such beautifully blue eyes are so sad inside." **

So I write to stay alive- baby do you get the letters I write to you every night? 'Cause they're the only thing keeping me alive. They're the only thing that makes me feel alright 'cause I'm screaming these words so loud to you that I can't hear the whispers in my head but my blue eyes are still blinded with pictures of your face but I guess you're some kind of sixth sense. My secret weapon against the voices in my head- they won't leave me alone but if you're with me then I guess I'm not alone.

It's been a month since I looked into your eyes- I mean it's been a year since I looked into your eyes- I mean it's been a lifetime since I looked into your eyes but they still feel like home. I guess those lenses really are the window to your soul. Now I'm smiling cause I see your eyes smiling and they are home to me. I just want us to go home together. Every time I think of those eyes I go there again.


This poem is written in honor of my sweet Bryce, who was killed one month ago. He taught me about life and love and I am so blessed to have had him in my life. Through all of the darkness I am living in, he still brings me happiness through our memories and everything we shared together. While this poem does exhibit the hardships I am facing, it still shows the positivity in lovely human relationships and the awesomeness in crazy, precious life. Through using his eyes, I not only mean Bryce himself, but love and happiness.


** Levi the Poet / Bluer Eyes and the Fall Season

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