The Light of Love

From a dark basement floor

As my tears bleed out through this pen

Of the whips and slashes of spiritual tourment

The scratches on my beating heart

of a love

that was ripped right from me

There is no perfect way to do this....only that I am.

I screamed out to my God from this empty basment floor

and said

....thank you

I poured out the muky darkness in that dark basement.

As the thunder crashed and the rain poured

as I released fire through my eyes, neck, and breath..

The heat burned through my palms to awaken me

And from the midst of pain and sorrow

I grew from the darkness into the light

And as I rise from the ashes I say

thank you

Beacause the light, is now entering

Through the god kissed my sickness

touched my empty heart and breathed life back through me

In that last breath,

When there was nothing left...

I was touched with a sound of love.

I drank in compassion 

digested pain

so that

I may

pour out,

a a piece of presence,

and a presence of peace.


This poem is about: 
My family


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