Light in Darkness

The air is stiff, as if the wind is holding its breath, 

and there is a coolness to the air, soothing, calming, peaceful.

The grass is soft from where I'm sitting,

as if inviting me to stay and enjoy the moment.

The sky has some clouds,

but it's vastness is still clear as the echo of stillness vanishes into nothingness.

Although the moon is distorted, the stars are so clear and pure,

shining for the world to see, and yet it's all for me.

They used to shine for us both, and the moon would be white from the sun,

giving light enough for us to see one another, to laugh in, to share in, to love in, it was all for us.

But when you left, everything distorted,

the moon was darker, the stars were impure, and my life changed for the worse.

My heart was a bright star, that is now corrupted,

because the source of my light vanished without a trace.


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