A Light in the Darkness


I've never felt more alone than I do now.

Years and years have gone by,

But it has only been now that

I feel empty in a crowded room.


I feel that I'm drowning in the middle of the sea.

I'm continuously searching in an uncertain Darkness,

Hoping and praying that I can find a soul that can soothe 

This madness in my mind,

This onslaught of wretched cruelty I force upon myself.


I look in the darkness, and I find you.


When I'm with you,

My heart fills with unexplainable emotion.

When we talk,

It's as if you have thrown a buoy my way.

When I see you, 

I see a light in the darkness.

My mind goes calm when I see you.

I don't worry about anyone or anything 

When I'm with you.


You don't make me think:

You make me feel.

No one has ever been able to do that.


Thank you.


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