The Light of Christ

How nothing can compare to the deepest of lights!

Not the brightest sun, nor the moonlight night.

For the palace this transcendent light withholds,

Is beauty and joy forever untold.


Forever I think, about the light’s love in me.

The the unspoken sinner, the complacent saint, can’t miss the glory so great.

 Beyond our limited earthly beings, how infinite the wonderous majesty of thee!


All men, thousand fold savor my light at first glance, not even needing another moment to decide, nor doubtful scorn, nor second chance.


Somehow, amazingly they see through the dark glassy walls,

To my soul, my heart, and where else shall their spirit fall? They have never seen this for the ages, this golden fire which now lies hidden behind the entrance to my heart.



No matter how long friend time is amidst my side,

They know the light in me, forever will abide.



And how great the wonders of this saving light,


Should guide me through the darkest of blackest days, when hope is lost, when suffering abides, the saving light always guides.


And how should mine own will neglect the gift so great,

When the passerby would cherish, and never separate,

With the light, the luminous beam, coming through every side of me like a flowing stream,

The life cometh forth, and shineth to

All that see, hear, watch and do.


The light of Christ,

Which from me, passeth through.



My dear savior, have mercy on me! I am the most wretched, destructive of creatures. You love me, but yet I still wade in the waters of wickedness.

 Spared me, time and time again, and should I see redemption, will amend,


My way to return,

To the Glorious light.


The light of Christ,

The flame most bright.


The light of Christ,

The most luminous of lights.


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