Light And Love

A small child will often dream
of far off places with kings and queens
Even a kingdom by the sea
A princess lying on soft pillows
Works in her garden
A small fairy would often visit
She would live on light & love
This was from up above
Wandering in an enchanted forest nearby alone
Cold hearts would drift there from the underworld
She twirled a stick in the forest
A zombie creature grabbed & bit her leg
She poked its nose with her stick
There after the princess grew very ill
Then the king paid her a visit
"My child what can i do for you" ?
Her parting words were," Capture the zombie and kill it".
Then she died
The king then summoned his troops
To do the noble deed and capture the zombie
Then finally corned this creature & killed it by chopping off its head
Now is was dead.
A monument was put in for the princess legacy.
Light & love would be etched from her dear memory.

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