Light and Dark

Light replaces dark

Dark replaces light

Light, the first thing you see

Light, the last thing you see

(Or so they say)

Light provides life

Light pierces through the darkness like a knife

Without light, we would all go mad

Without light, life would cease to exist

Because When hidden in darkness our skin begins to pale

Our hair falls out

Our eyes turn to black

Light can burn

Light can heal

Light can blind

Light can build

Humans have light inside of us

But there’s also darkness

And Humans are afraid of the dark

Of what hides

Of what lurks

People fear what they cannot see

What they do not understand

So it’s ironic

That Darkness is within us

The Darkness swirls and whirls 

Growing and shrinking

Ebbing and flowing

The light and dark are at war

And often the dark will win battles

But light will win in the end

For darkness can be beat

And light cannot be destroyed

For when someone falls into the dark

The light will always shine a path to lead them 

Back to safety

Back to home 

Back to life

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