The Light


United States

The light passes through me,

It whispers in mind.

I can see it so clearly,

And it feels so very kind.

Chances are it's passed you by,

and it's really hard to miss.

This kind of light, you may ask "why,

is it better than a first kiss?"

You've heard the song saying

"this little light of mine",

You might see me praying,

For the best light of all time.

It doesn't go out, cannot be changed.

And it's really quite sincere.

This light of mine has totally rearranged

My priorities, thinking, and fear.

You may ask "What do you fear?

You seem happy, am I correct?"

That's never stopped a silent tear

From falling and going unchecked.

So I may not always be happy,

this sometimes can be true.

But I have a Lord that loves me.

And not just me, but you too.

So yes, this light is my God,

He really is the best.

Because even though He knows I'm flawed,

He loves me and gives me rest.


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