You know what's my favorite thing in the whole world?

When I talk to someone

Especially kids my age

Or grown ups

Or anyone really

And I mention something that they love

And their whole face lights up like the Fourth of July

Like there are fireworks in their eyes

And they come back

All these people who walk around in a stupor

With their faces blank as a white wall

Come back down to Earth

And just start talking and laughing

Because they are thinking about something they love

And for a minute they go,

"Hey, this isn't so bad after all"

"Life isn't so bad after all"


You know what's my least favorite thing in the world?

When they start thinking again

About things that don't make them happy

All piling up

And every thought makes their eyes dimmer

And makes their shoulders slump

Like they're getting handed more and more schoolbooks

To weigh them down

So they go away, and wander around

Back in their stupor

Far away from Earth

Pushing themselves through the motions

Of a normal day

Of a normal life

And forgetting what it is that'd make them happy


You know what's my second favorite thing in the world?

Reminding them

Don't forget what makes you happy


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