Lift Your Veil

"We came to this country for you."


I'm the product of two immigrants in love.

The 'better' life they were seeking for me

Is within reach


They worked so hard to get me here

So now that I'm here

What's next?


Education is the immigrant's gold

Their children must have the grades to show

Them that their struggle was not for nothing


I love my parents even more 

For what they went through

So I work


I work so I can make my parents know 

That I am not a waste

I want them to know


I work hard

I do my best

I see my results


I show them my hard work

I show them my best

I show them my results


"You can do better than this!"


I see that my best

Is not good enough

For them


I see that 

I am not good enough

For them


So, I'll do better

So that they know

I am good enough


So this time

I have come equipped

With better results


And not a hint of pride

Or satisfaction

Is evident


So I do better

So I come to show them

So I hope to please them



and Again

and Again


"You're not here to make us proud!


But I'm afraid I was

I'm afraid I was brought here 

To make them proud


My entire existence

My living and breathing

Was for them


And I've tried 

To meet their goals

To meet their standard


And after 20 years

I've found the truth

An ugly truth


There is no goal

High enough

To satisfy them 


My whole life

I knew that their happiness

Depended on my success


And my success

Was never

Going to be enough


This veil of dependence

This veil of desperation

This veil of desolation


Has weighed on my soul

My entire life

And I never knew it existed


The day you lift your veil

You become 



With your veil

You attempt to become 

Everything you aren't


You realize that

The goals of your parents

Will never be met


You realize that

Your goals

Are the ones that matter


You will succeed

You can succeed

On your own terms


Meet and accomplish

Your own goals

Not anyone else's


Exceed your goals

For yourself

And there is no limit


To what


and independence






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