A Lifetime Of Worries


United States


As I look back on my life,

I see so much hatred.

Wondering how could God pull me through,

from first being abuse.


Growing to be so bitter having so much hurt and pain,

not knowing it leaded to all the rain.

Spending the rest of my life with my head swinging down-low,

self-esteem waying up and down super slow.


2013 came around and my life changed tremendously,

you might as well say my life became a new beginning.

Experiancing only what i really only have known forever,

taking chances after chances only to know that my past was over.


Being the only child to have skipped a grade in my family was (exciting),

not knowing the challanges later on would cause me (anxiety).

Leaving my twinn sister behind after being stuck by her side for 17 years,

thinking to myself what happened to all the years.


Expecting to have an amazing feauture right before my very own eyes,

only accepting the difficult challanges of getting money for school.

But having the faith and so much trust in God that I have,

i've managed to push my self extremely and abundontly.


Now i've learned new things about myself,

ughhh, finally I have all of the power.



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