A Lifetime of Awesome

Wed, 07/15/2015 - 11:25 -- nnward

Every now and then, you find yourself in day dream thinking about the days to come

At any moment life could start, in contrast it could all be done

Days passing like a freight train carrying time you can never get back

You live your whole life trying to make yourself better by working on the things you lack

But I learned over time, in my very few years

It’s about seeing the bigger picture, even if the lens aren’t always clear

You see, free will is the thing that gives us hope and makes the world spin

The same thing that teaches us not to give up, or to ever give in

Some may say that their life was a series of unfortunate events

However I would like to think that life is filled with tiny doses of happiness

If that’s from complimenting someone, in hopes of making there day

And finding happiness in the mist of the storm when it seems like happiness isn’t coming your way

Fleeting moments of unbearable laughter and tears of complete delight

Even if life is beating you up, being brave enough to put up a fight

Life is what we make it rather its good or great

Everything about it is irrational, unexpected, but no mistakes

And one of the best parts, Nothing will ever stay the same

At any moment the bad won’t seem bad and everything can change

It is an eruption of desire, and dreams waiting to come true

Most importantly understanding, that the volcano is you

Whatever you believe in, whatever you vision

Makes a difference right now by your daily decisions

To start, appreciate life, because it can be stretched beyond the years

That means teaching future generations, appreciation, despite their fears

To appreciate the laughter and appreciate the tears

Most importantly accepting that that is what being awesome really is


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Our world
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