Life's a time for second chances.

Life’s a time for second chances

By Brianna Bird



Life’s a time for second chances

Awkward stares and distant glances.

Bruised up arms and taken innocence

All due to one single incident

Sitting in a room as white as snow

And only hoping that no one else will know

Questions asked upon each arrival

Asking questions to reveal the man acquired

These Men in black with shields of justice

They say to me that you can trust us

Questions answered in hope that the pains will stop

That the images will soon be gone

There is truth beyond the tears

But nothing hides these feelings better than fear

The fear he’ll come back

The fear that it will be yet another attack

With each moment I start to see

That there is a bigger picture still for me

That even though right now it’s hard

That my life is still going. I haven’t been bared

At the time it felt as if I were in a prison of my mind

But with the time I have learned to fly

Fly up higher than I though I could

To see what lay before me as If I should

As if I should take advantage of the second chance of life

I could had died that night on the concrete floor

But yet I am here telling you this story of gore

From gore turns to light

From light it turns into surviving

And from surviving turns into survivor

I am a survivor of rape.

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