Life's Grammar


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It starts off slow with a Capital letter,
For your birth is a big mark in someone's calender.
You move from stage to stage,
Just like any other-
A common letter in the alphabet of life...

You decide to leave your mark-
whether it's through puzzling thoughts, lingering words,
ended chapters of death or some excitement.

And again,
you capitalize, and capture,
Command each day like it's the last,
Survival of the fittest is your desire
as you evolve an adapted beyond a common
into an exclamation.

And then STOP.
Stop. Dead in the middle of a sentence.
Debating whether to stop or continue into a next.
You leave a space hoping to return again,
but sometimes a full stop is what you should have placed...

End up going back to the previous chapter,
unlocking something from the past-
Hyphenating to explain what you thought should have been.
But no. You exclaim!
for the other person's story has ended-
and you become a past sentence from a book he read years before,
understood and throw away like last week's newspaper.

Bruised. Torn. Tarnished.
You continue to write.
A song. A story. A poem.
A new chapter.
But it's filled with choppy sentences and poor grammar,
as you try to pick up the torn paper,
and recycle it into something better...

Almost impossible it may seem.
So you stop. another full stop.
While inside you exclaim of dreams
and question this reality...

But don't worry,
it's just the beginning of a new chapter.

The first sentence in fragments.
The first paragraph makes no sense but continue.
Exclaim. cut off. paraphrase and re-write.
the story is complete.
Then place the final full stop,
or for something more put three...
Because an end is only a beginning of something more...


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