Life's double standards

Wake up




Wash my face


Put on nice clothes


Brush my teeth


Things only i will see because no one ever seems to notice me


Eat breakfast


Make my lunch


Things I only do because I'm forced to. As if id ever want to eat anything.


Pack my backpack


Get on shoes


All to get to school, to see my friends; the ones that secretly hate me


Get to class


Work hard


Study harder


Just for the grade that doesn't matter


Go home.


Do homework


Do chores


Things that seem to take forever. Do forever


Go on a run.


Work out


Almost like it'll make you look better, feel better. It wont. It doesn't


Go to bed


But not to sleep.


Online with your friends.


Except not friends. 




Friend and her lover.


Lover that makes me feel like I'm not good enough for her.


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