diving into the depths of the pool 

where the water looks bluest 

sitting on the bottom   

crumbly white scraping my skin 

hearing nothing but still 

absence of sound  

so glaring 

holding my breathe  

watching the bubbles form on my skin  

and float upwards 

slowly becoming less boyant  

I flip and twist  

as the air leaves my lungs  


I panic.  


fighting the water  

once so snug  

now suffocating  

I lash out looking for the light 

so turned around  

my head bangs the bottom  

red glides through blue  

so calm  

like silken scarves  

blooming against the sky  


unlike my desperate kicks  

my limbs feel heavy  

like the water has turned to syrup  

and I, the trapped one, can never be free 

the pressure in my throat builds  

I can feel my lungs crying out  

with one last try  

my feet connect with the floor  

using everything I have   

to break free 

I push again 

and break the surface  

gasping in glittering air. 


"47 seconds." he says  

and laughs   

I reach for the edge 


"your turn to time" he shouts and jumps in  

with a loud splash 

I pull my tired limbs up  

and heave my body onto the side 

I want to yell at him 

not to go down  

but I can't form words  

past the gulps  of air 

I'm taking in  

as the buzzing finally leaves my ears   

water splashes on my dangling feet 

"how long?" 

"a long time" 

"no really, how long?" 

"a lifetime."






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