She is my lifeline,

Not my wife,

Not a lover,

Not a sister,

Close though we may be.


She is silent,

But I know her soul.

She speaks to me in measured tones,

I speak to her,

My voice a clone.


I am loud,

She knows my thoughts

Before I speak.

We are so close,

Not close in love.


I would not be if not for her,

She would be weaker

For lack of me. 

She is my soul,

As I am hers.


One soul split down the middle,

One shining, full of life,

One darker, bagfull of strife.

The sun can't live without its moon,

The moon can't shine without its sun.


No, not lovers.

Siblings in soul,

Sharing one goal,

Bring each other higher,

Make the other stronger.


If I had to go,

I could not leave

Without her glow.



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