Life- the Wondrous, Awesome Phenomenon

Life- the Wondrous, Awe-Inspiring Phenomenon

The earth is full of awesome things

It’s such an overwhelming, astonishing place.

Canyons, Oceans, valleys and peaks

Natural wonders that make the world so breath-taking.

Stunning sunsets, frighteningly beautiful storms and views

It’s easy to see what makes Mother Earth so inspiring.

The world is incredible, it’s easy to see

But the most awesome thing of all

Is the most magnificent and simple, that seems so small.

It isn’t the stars, the planets or the earth and its awe

It is simply life.

To be living is to have potential

Potential to conquer the earth’s wonders

Potential to discover, to invent, to love and inspire one another

The magnificence of the world makes us feel like just another face

But each one of us is much more complex than that, and we all have purpose in this astonishing place.

Somehow, in the midst of the other 7 billion people on earth

We were made with precision and were given a purpose at birth

Even though internally we are all built the same

Each one of us is uniquely different and amazing in our own way.

In such a huge place

We are still much more than just another face.

It is easy to see what is so incredible about the world

But hard to grasp what is so special about life.

There’s much more to living than just being alive.

It is the most precious, awesome thing one will ever find. 

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Our world


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