A life without writing is not a life at all.

I write, therefore I am free

free to be me

i live in a country 

with freedom of expression and 

I choose to use it.

I need no therapy sessions, 

write my own questions

My heavy souls lightens when I write.

I write and my life is brighter, the sun can not compare.

The fire in my soul that sparks with passions is fueled when I write and 

i become aware.

I write to stand out like a star in a dark sky, 

my life would be dull if I did not write

I fight when i write, i express my feelings in a slur of words.

When i writei take flight into my own imagination,

crashing gently into a paradise of my own creation.

I live to write.

A life without writing is not a life at all, just a thought.


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