Life Without Technology


Life without technology…


Isn’t really a life at all because nowadays technology is life.

Why chat in person when I can chat online?

After all, I have more friends on Facebook than I do in “real life.”


Our world is so digital.

Critical thinking is no longer a necessity.

Reality is now confined in an

Eighty inch by forty inch HD TV.


We can’t see.


We are blinded by the light that comes from our phones.

A home

Is now just a button we press

To escape the mess of a

Multi-tasking establishment.


We walk past one another

As if human interaction is



140 spaces,

Our updated statuses have drowned out the

Muttered sounds of different conversations.


It’s as if we’ve been chipped

And had our hearts ripped out

And replaced by different bits

And pieces of animatronic gears.


I fear that we will never hear

The rustling of papers and leaves

Because we’ll be too busy typing away

At our keyboards.


Before, children used to play outside,

In the snow and in the sand.

But now, kids half my age

Do those same things on an iPad.


Kids will never learn to surf the ocean waves

Because they’re too busy surfing from page to page

On the World Wide Web.

It’s like a spider that has injected its venom,

A virus that’s crawling its way to our

God-given hard drive.


We have forgotten what it feels like to live our lives offline.


We can no longer recall

The sound of shoes against the asphalt

Because by the time we’re out the door,

We’re already listening to our iPods.


We only converse with Siri:

“Speak to text”, “search the web”, “can you give me directions?”

I’ve shunned both Mother Nature and Father Time in the face.

But I can just face-time to replace

The old-fashioned face-to-face social interaction

That my generation had erased from their lives.


We can no longer recall

The sound of cracking branches before they fall

Because we’re too busy watching videos go viral.


We tweet one another

More than baby birds tweet for their mothers.

We stare into Windows and communicate through Apple

Instead of staring out of windows and giving each other apples.


The mornings have gotten dark and cold,

But we’re too distracted by the apps on our phones.

We’re mesmerized, hypnotized, satisfied

By a two-by-four block of metal that sits in our pockets.

We settle for something that cannot love us back.

Emotion is the one thing that technology lacks.


As humans, we were born with this quality,

But our brains have been programmed to believe

That technology is our reality.


Ashley T. Landry

Who  wrote this?



Would the writer of this poem be willing to contact me?  My name is Sarah Flynn, and I work for a publishing company, and we would really like to use this poem in one of our books.  Please respond here if you are interested and we can go from there!

Thank you!

Sarah Flynn

McGraw Hill Education


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