Life Without a Home


United States
45° 0' 9.1224" N, 123° 6' 6.912" W

They stand above me eyes like knives
I watch the rich go threw their lives
This is not the life I'd planned
My story's lost, a message in sand
I have a heart, flesh, tears and bone
Yet still I'm treated as if stone
I feel the cold, I'm hungry and weak
It is not only money that I wish to seek
I want safety, life, a family too
These are the reasons I look to you
At night the rain does overcome
Then in the morn it is the sun
My flesh reeks, rots, then is gray
But hospitals have no time for say
Without cash in my pocket I will die on the street
Then robbed i will be, bare to my feet
My body aches for the next meal
My life does not seem to me real
And after all I'm still like dirt
And no one seems to see I'm hurt.


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