A Life Well Lived

As we fight and fumble through our life, around every turn lies a new and exciting challenge. Though daunting at times, and fraught with many hazards that we may not be able to master at first, something incredible happens, we navigate around every obstacle and either succeed, stall or crash. There were times that you may have asked yourself “why me Lord?”, and felt apprehensive and uneasy about your decisions, a lot of times there were solutions, that came in the form of a sibling, spouse, child or friend, to guide you through the rough terrain. When all the pieces of the puzzle finally come together, you think back in time and realize, through all the turmoil, the heartbreak, the happiness and love, that you have in fact, achieved, what we all truly long for, a life well lived, filled with love, friends and family, and all the memories you have made and cherish, and continue to make until your dying day.

This poem is about: 
My family


Terrance Longtin

Written for my mother in law on her 80th birthday. She's a terrific person and I love her very much.

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