Life was inside me.


Life was inside me.

I felt the bump bump,

I saw the movement deep in all of me

The movement that reminded me that I could give life

I heard the beating that made me cry,

Tears of heartbeats and throw up

It was only a little pea

A helpless little pea not knowing it was alive 

Because it was only searching for the breath within itself

Life was inside me.

It meant nothing by being alive

All it wanted to do was leave the womb,

Create footprints that were never printed

Have a chance to grow and be someone

Someone that could give life to another helpless little pea

Also not knowing it’s alive

Meaning nothing by living because it didn’t have a choice

Fate was its choice, not mine

Life was inside me.

Life that wasn’t there before that little pea

It created a horribly incredible feeling that was never felt before

Life left my body when that feeling vanished

Little pea took a piece of my life when it lost its own

Because I never knew what it felt like,

Not until…

This happened…

And I….

I wasn’t prepared for…

Life was inside me.



All of it.


All of it.

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