Life is like a tree

Why is it that people aren't like trees? When all of a trees leaves fall off it will be just a few months before they replenish. But at people when all of our leaves fall off we are dead. Let me ask you this... As people do we really know when all of our leaves will fall off? I know that in my life there has been moments when i sense a big gust of wind coming and think all of my leaves will come crashing to the ground. Whether that gust of wind is a surgery or a day at the lake my leaves have almost been shaken to the ground. As people... As young people more specifically... We test the strength of our leaves thinking that they are indestructible. But are they? On any given day an 80 year old man or a 2 year old child could lose all of their leaves. So live every day to the fullest before your last leaf falls.  

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Our world
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