The life of a teen mom

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 12:01 -- Dejonae

The life of a teen mom ,
so easy to keep out of doing wrong ,
At least you would think cause
Now its not you being on the streets or not going to school because its no longer about you
You see not taken care of your child
Not making sure she / he has clothes on her / his back,
Food in his/ her stomach
See I'm only 17 , my little girl well she is 3 so I get that you might judge and call me a hoe
Words can be hurtful but I'm done crying about people who think they know me
The life of a teen mom
I was once told being a great mom is loving your child and being supportive was the key but
No see they left out how hard it would be to love someone else when you barely love your self
But see her smile made me love myself , look what I have created look what god gave me ,
The life of a teen mom when its school from 6am to 2pm then work from 3pm to 10pm
Only to see my baby on off days
But I tell her everyday momma loves you an one day we will move to a better place were mommy can work at home an be with you all day
The life of a teen mom is to never give up an always have faith because god blessed you with a child to help you smile , and knock down the walls they said you couldn't climb in the life of a teen mom

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