Life Sucks

Life sucks

That's the way it is

But what makes it count is what you choose to do with it

Whether you change the world using paper and pen

Or keep those words to yourself when your world is breaking

They're yours

And nobody else's 

And when you give them the access

To your soul, you admit it

That there's something there

Deep inside of you

That you need to release

Even though you are fearing

The world 

And its constant judgment

Because they've told you before

That your words are nothing

Even though the best poets

Only speak the truth

Of what they feel in their hearts

That they're scared to move

Because in their past

They thought they had something to lose

Because they let everyone else

Decide what they got to do 

But being a poet isn't about society

It's about being real with yourself

And sharing that privacy 

For the people out there who are all alone

Who feel like they're trapped in a corner

Because they've got no hope

They feel they're going under

From waves meters high

And in their state of shock

Have forgotten how to get by

So when life sucks

I just take a deep breath

And take my broken heart out

On this paper and pen

Because there's someone else out there

Who has it worse than I

And maybe if I show them me and what's inside

When they think bad about life, it could help them change their mind.



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