Life of a student


We start our lessons before we can speak

They want us to walk while our legs are too weak

We find strengh with age and stand on our own 

We say a few words amongst the dribble and groans

A few years past and we are in classes

We must behave now, intergrate with the massess

We now can speak but can not talk

We can run but are forced to walk

Work is work, and learning is fun 

But new life in a higher grade has begun

You are a middle schooler and priorities have changed

No longer singing or playing games

You must walk straighter and do more writing

You find the easy path to look quite inticeing.

You slack off a little but missed alot

You've read countless books without knowing the plot

You've made new friends who are like you 

Hopefully they will stay true

You are a teen now in highschool oh what fun

Looks like your fun years have begun. 

Well the work has grown harder over the years. 

You find yourself at the mercy of your peers.

They sway you this way and you try to push back

They jolt you a bit and once you're on track

They tear you to shreds with their crippling stares

You begin to question why you are there.

You try to remain silent but each step so loud

All you want to do is make everyone proud

You're on the football team, a straight A student

You've taken up a job to help your family pay rent

You havent spoken your mind cause you know its out of turn

With each new struggle you find something to learn

You want a taste of freedom but the taste is quite sour

You are 18 in under an hour

The knowledge of the world is supposed to be with you

You are moving on your own but don't know what to do

What happens next is what you decide

You're on your own in the outside

Do you go to this college with the fancy new tech

Or that one cause it offers you a check

Do you join the military and fight for cause

Pursue a career in justice and laws

Your legs are weak, you are feeling numb

Your voice is hoarse, not a move of the tounge

You're a puppet now whose strings have been cut

All those years of learning have prepared you for what?



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