Life Story of a Swimmer

Some call it love

while some say it's passion.

For some it's a hobby,

no more than a pastime,

but to me it is neither,

not a love nor a passion.

To me it is more,

it's a way to live life.

I live in the water,

I eat it, I breathe it.

It flows through my veins

and pumps through my heart,

racing to rush to each of my cells.

I crave it, I need it,

it's a drug to my system.

Without it I'm cold, 

lifeless, lethargic.

It's the beat to my drum,

the the tick to my clock.

It's the way I live life,

in it, and out.

While it's vital to all life,

to me it is life.

To me it is home,

where I know I belong.

The water is me

and I am the water.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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