Life is Simply Awesome

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 19:31 -- mshevey

Life is simply awesome

No other way to put it

So many different things are great

It is hard to fit them in a poem

But trying is half the fun

So here are all the awesome things

All things around us are awesome

The technology we use

To cure diseases and learn about everything

The trees and grass that give us air

Bright sun beams to warm our days

Clothes that give us character

Weekends and late nights are awesome

With the euphoria we feel

Freedom that comes with driving

Down back roads in the dark

Having the time of our lives

Living young while we can

Epic friends are awesome

Ones that never leave our side

Pals who always have our back

Trusting them with all our secrets

Occasionally fighting, then making up

Forming bonds that last a lifetime

Success in school and sports are awesome

Receiving a gold star

Making the game winning basket

Finishing at the top of our class

Feeling the pride of a team

Achieving all our goals

Open arms of family members are awesome

Who never give up on us

Understanding us best of all

Typical fighting like siblings do

But always there to listen

Trusting, loving, caring homes

Music that moves you is awesome

Songs tell of your own life

Notes take you to another place

And lyrics speak for you

Dancing like no one else can see

And singing loudly in the rain

Enjoying making memories is awesome

Collecting moments throughout life

Keeping them safe in our minds

Allowing them to shape who we are

Forgetting all the bad times yet

Never letting go of the good ones

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Our world


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