Life is Pretty Awesome


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People say the real world

Is filled with hate and grey

But instead of focusing on the negative

Why not dwell on the positive.


A day passes by

Whether one is troubled or not

So why not make the day

Positive and worth it?


Life is short

Time doesn’t stop

Make the right decisions

And we should live it to our fullest.


Smile and say hello

Be kind and gentle to all fellows

Live in peace and not in hate

We are much better living that way.


Thank the people all around you

Even those who seem to make your life miserable.

They are the ones who have made you stronger

And we should thank them for reminding us that we are.


You can do anything in your life

As one would say: Life is a stage

Be the character you want to be

Play the part you would like to see.


You have the power to do what it takes

Embrace the love around you

Set inclusion as your goal

Use the Golden Rule.


So, now look at the world around you

See it at another point of view

Don’t look back at what you did

Focus on what you can do.


Know that there are people who love you

Don’t give up and don’t regret

Take some time to think about it

That life is pretty awesome.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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