Life must go on...

It happened and it went,

It cam then left. 

Now I must move, 

Life must go on. 


Why spend time in distraught, 

Thinking about what has passed.

Life is a cycle and will not last, 

We will die.


So why should I spend time on this matter,

When I have nothing to gain,

And will soon fade away.


I know I must move on,

I know life goes on,

But I can't seem to find the motivation to do just so.


And so again it resurfaced, 

It came,

The memory of what happened.


I know at time life can be hard,

It can even be miscellaneous.

When some dies another is born,

That's the way life is, 

It's a repetition that keeps going. 

Who knows it'll end.


But what I do know life must go on,

Even after the deaths, the pain, and sorrows,

Because if it doesn't we won't start over again. 








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